Research and Development Engineer (R&D Engineer)
Hire 6persons
Job Responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for research and development of chemical products, as well as improvement of original products;
2. Be responsible for control of production process of chemical products, analyzing and solving abnormal technical issues;
3. Be responsible for introduction and tracking of new products and process;
4. Be responsible for technical improvement of existing production equipments and introduction of new technology.
1. College degree or above, major in chemical process, domestic chemistry engineering, fine chemical engineering and applied chemistry, etc. as well as relevant majors;
2. Preference for employees with working experience in chemical production or technology with one than one year, chemical engineering technical management experience;
3. Have sufficient understanding and contact of chemical equipment and containers, and have solid theoretical basis and practical experience;
4. Have strong communication skills and analytic abilities, problems solving ability, innovating ability and experimental design ability;
5. Have strong sense of responsibility and entrepreneur spirit, and
 can endure sufferings and hardships.

Quality Assurance Engineer(QA Engineer)
Hire 2persons
Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist department supervisor to manage the quality system, accept external audit inspection, organize relevant enterprises’ departments, and implement inspection implemention and coordination work;
2. Assist department supervisor to organize enterprises’ internal audit and put forward improvement suggestions for the unqualified items;
3. Be responsible for organizing establishment of file system of production and quality management, and supervising to check implementation of file system;
4. Issue corresponding production quality batch records, recycle, sorting and summarizing according to production plan;
5. Be responsible for drafting and perfecting documents of quality supervision and quality management; be responsible for working out quality standard for materials, packing material, intermediate product and finished product, and ensuring implementation for these documents;
6. Be responsible for deviation, exception handling and change control of starting materials and production process;
7. Be responsible for audit of batch production record and batch inspection record and the release audit of finished product;
8. Be responsible for release and use of raw and auxiliary materials, internal and external packaging materials, labels, operating instructions and intermediate products;
9. Be responsible for handling of returned products, recovered products and unqualified products, and track management;
10. Cooperate with department heads to organize relevant departments to conduct household audit, and be responsible for establishing household’s product quality and household’ auditing files, summarize and analyze product quality information for households, and feed back to households;
11. Complete other tasks related to job responsibilities and other tasks assigned by superiors.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical engineering, quality management, etc.;
2. Meticulous work, quite strong coordination and communication skills and executive ability;
3. With more than two years of experience working in quality management, laboratory quality management and laboratory certification.

Analyzing Engineer (QC)
Hire 6persons
1. Be responsible for testing/sampling/analysis/supervision work of project construction and operation;
2. Complete normative research and analysis reports;
3. Be responsible for routine maintenance of analytical instruments.
1. College degree or above in chemical analysis or related majors;
2. One year of relevant experience in chemical analysis;
3. Be familiar with various modern analytical instruments and pharmaceutical analysis methods;
4. Have certain communication plan and execution capacity, have favorable English level and fairly strong ability of data retrieval, analysis and sorting;
5. Have favorable work psychological quality and teamwork spirit.